viernes, abril 04, 2008

un narco-alcalde, ¿seguros que nomas uno?

Mexican Official Charged In NYC As Drug Trafficker
By Jonathan Dienst

NEW YORK -- An elected mayor from Mexico was charged in New York for smuggling hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into the U.S. over several years, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
Gil was arrested as he tried to fly into Los Angeles but his name was on a watch list due to his alleged drug trafficking activity.
Investigators said Gil used tractor trailers to ship the drugs. DEA agents said they seized a drug shipment back in 2004 carrying 150 kilograms of cocaine. The truck had the name "Gil Moving and Storage" on it, according to court papers.
U.S. officials credited Mexican authorities with helping make the arrest.
Gil was arrested in Los Angeles and flown to New York overnight.

traduccion: justicia americana pesca a alcalde mexicano por trafico de cientos de kilo de coca a los united states, lo agarraron cuando llego a los angeles por que ya lo tenian fichado, Gil usaba los trailers de su empresa para llevar la droga y quesque la policia mexicana ayudo mucho (huy si) para atraparlo

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